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13m Drop Side Trailer 3 Axles with Side Wall And Cargo Fence for Bulky Cargos,Platform Semi Trailer

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Drop Side Trailer
Axle No. 3 axles
Rail Side Height: 600mm with fence
Tire: Double Tires

For Bulk Cargo Delivery
  • 9303CSX
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Product Parameters

13m drop side semi trailer with 3 axles and side wall for bulk cargos and container,Platform Semi Trailer

Drop-Side Trailers is kind of Drop-deck trailers (or Step-frame Trailer) with side walls and cargos fence for bulk cargos and small packed cargos.In order to let it can work more , we design the twist locks to make it can delivery contianers.

13m   drop side trailer 3 axles with side wall and cargo fence for bulky cargos9303CSX
overall outside dimensionmmLength13000
Height (unload)3980
Outside   dimension of Drop Side bodymmLength12850
Height 600+600+600
vehicle   total weightkg6500
rated   payloadkg35000
Wheel   basemm6790+1310+1310
TreadmmTread   at front
Tread at rear2040/2040/2040
Front/Rear   Overhangmm/2290
Approach/Departure   angle°/13
Rated   payload of Vehicle saddle16000
AxleBPW   12T*3
Axle Capacity kgs8000/8000/8000
Trailer   Material Carbon   Steel
Transport   Material : Bulk   or Light box cargos
Twist Locks
Insulated   Covernile
SuspensionLeaf   Spring 
Leaf Spring7/7/7
Straight Back Type with single Tyre design,   optional Rail-side back door and grille for a three-Lays Rail-side structure,   the height from the  top of the Rail   side to  to the Floor  :2400,2200,2000,1800.
     WABCO Brake System, Clearance: 520m
Steel Structure:
Material:High   strength low alloy steel with 350 MPa yield strength is used for welded   I-beam and 235 MPa in other fabricated parts.
Floor3mm thick checkered steel plate.
OEM Parts Configuration:
King Pin: 3.5”   /2”  exchangeable king pin, Supplier:   JOST.
Landing Gear: 2 speed   road side winding with sand shoe,Type: JOST C200T.
Suspension:Mechanical suspension with 11 / 10/   8/7 leaf spring (W100mm x T12mm per leaf). options: Bogie Suspension, Air   Spring Suspension
Axles: square axle   with 12/13/14/15/20 tons capacity. Supplier & type: BPW/ FUWA/SAF/L1.   Made in China..
Tires: 11R22.5   OPTIONS: 12R22.5, 315/80R22.5,385/65R22.5 ,
Brake System: Dual   air brake system, Wabco relay emergency valve, OPTIONS: ABS.
Brake Chamber: 30   type on front axle.30/30 type on other axles,
Electrical System: Complete   24V installation with modular wiring harness. 7 pole plug placed at front in   accordance to ISO
Spare Tire    Carrier: Equipped two sets per chassis   without spare tire.
Side Guard:   Steel.
Tool Box: Equipped   one set.
Painting: Color by   customer’s requirement.
Marking: By   customer’s requirement.
Options: Oil   Tanker: 300L carbon steel.
    Options: Container locks: 12 Sets or 8 sets.

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