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2T American Type Axles Trailer Axle

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Trailer Axle Capacity: 2T
Track of Trailer Axle 1800MM (size are available)
Brake of Trailer Axle 254*57MM (size are available)
Trailer Axle Beam 150*150MM (Square) (size are available)
Trailer Axle Beam Thickness: 16mm
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Product Description

American   Type axles Trailer Axle-2T
Type   of axlesTrailer   Axle (Agriculature Axles)
Axle has two different types,the stronger axle and   one-piece axle.The former weight is about 5-20kg more than the one-piece   axle.
Optiona   of Agriculature Axles ABS and automatic slack adjuster available.
Trailer   Axle Capacity:2T
Track   of Trailer Axle1800MM   (size are available) 
Brake   of Trailer Axle254*57MM   (size are available) 
Trailer   Axle  Beam150*150MM   (Square) (size are available) 
Trailer   Axle Beam Thickness:16mm
Our   American type spoke wheel axle is made of high-intensity alloy steel with   excellent performance:
1.High over-load capacity. Axle shaft is one-time-formed; unique   overall heat treatment, thus it largely enhance the strength and elasticity   of the axle and improve the load capacity.
  2.Stronger axle head. Axle head is made of farctate steel alloy,   which makes it much stronger than one-piece axle.
  3.Stable and durable. With our 50 years machinery experience, we make our   axles high and very stable quality. Our after-sales sites are much matured,   we provide one-year quality guarantee for all our over-sea sales.
  4.Customized design. Customized design is available for we own the most   powerful technician and development team in China. We can develop new   products and modify traditional products according to your   requirements.
  5.Delivery date assurance. We have a total area of 300   thousand square meters production base to ensure your products be delivered   to you in time.
American Type AxlesContain   in-board axle series,out-board axle series,spoke wheel axle series,car   transport trailer axle series and small axle series.
  Axle has two different types,the stronger axle and one-piece axle.The former   weight is about 5-20kg more than the one-piece axle.

Axle Model Details

Model105(km/h)    Max.   Capacity (kg)"S" Cam   Brake           Seriesφ x   Width (mm)Track(mm)Spring Seat   Installation (mm)Axle Beam   (mm) Center distance   of chamber        GM (mm) Studs (mm)P.C.Dφ   H        (mm)Total Length (mm)Recommended Wheel
GET02A012,000S  254×5718001360[]140/5-1/2"-20114.376~1965ET=10
19761540 127/6-M18*1.5205161~2100ET=0

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