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GET( GENERAL EAST CO.,LTD) is a specialized manufacturer of road transportation vehicles. We established with aim to create “The Special Vehicles Future of possible”, dedicate to intense R&D which is the driving force behind the professional of the special vehicles. G.E.T Industry is willing to redefine what it means to be "Made in China".


  1. Special Vehicles:

As a global designer and manufacturer of road transportation vehicles, we take the customers’ private requirements with our hundreds of engineers as our key business. 
Sticking to the operation philosophy of “The Special Logistic Future of possible” and relying on the manufacturing strength of China and global resources integration, we strive to accelerate the overall upgrading of product and manufacturing technologies so as to foster a global product platform and provide our customers with premium and private special-purpose vehicles.

1.         Cold Chain Logistics Equipment
From Prefabricated Modular Cold Room with Bitzer Compressor for cargo Storing, To Insulated & Refrigerated Trucks and Mobile Cold Box with Thermoking or Carrier Refrigerator Units for delivering, rich your table with the Fresh Vegetable and food from all over the world for our better Urban Life.
2.         Energy Tankers 
From Gasoline & Diesel Steel Tanker and Aluminum Tanker Trucks Transport the fossil fuel ; The Insulated Stainless-Steel Tankers for your Fresh Juice and milk to support your daily City life; The Green energies Transport Tankers for LPG, CNG, LNG and their Storage Tankers for Bottling Station for the environment protecting, create environmental values for a better Earth Future.
3.         Terminal Truck Trailers:
From Mafi Trailer, Container Chassis and Skeleton Semi-Trailers to Flatbed semi-trailers and Drop Side Semi-Trailer with Twist locks TO delivery containers full loaded worldwide cargos to create an international value for a better urban life.

4.         Cargo Logistics Vehicles 
From Drop-Side Trailers, Curtain-Side Trailers deliver the bulk cargos and Low Bed Semi-Trailer for the construction or heavy industry machines to The Tipper Truck and Dump Trailers deliver the Construction materials for our city infrastructure construction to build a warm living home.
5.         Customized Vehicles 
With our highest Technology Teams 200 Engineers ‘s full time support, we have the super power to proposal the customized Special Vehicles to solve your special Demands, Like Sugar Cane Trailers for Kenya and Ethiopia; Cotton Loader semi-trailer with wing covers, and the Logging Draw Bar Trailers for small Logs and Logging Trailer For Huge Logs and Car Carrier Trucks. 

  1. Related Industry Machines and proposal
We have more than 30 years of Experiences in the special vehicles, we made the Workshop and the producing lines and Upgraded for many times. We not only have the Resources of the factory, but also have the Technology of the producing lines, so for the Normal Semi trailers, we like to supply the SKD and CKD parts with our Technology to help the customers to build their own producing powers to keep their advantage in their own Market to earn more money. There is a China Proverb “"teaching one to fish is better than giving him fish”, That is what we want to do with our partners.

There are too many producing of our related machines and products, and the good and bad are intermingled which puzzled the global customers and damaged the brand of “made in China “especially some cheaper but poor-quality products and service.
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G.E.T was established with aim to create “The Special Logistic Future of possible”.



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