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Disc Brake Axle Series 11-13T

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Disk Brake Axle Capacity: 11T-13T
Track of Disk Brake Axle 1840MM/1820mm
Disk Brake Axle Beam: □127□150〇 127〇 146
Disk Brake Axle Beam Thickness: 12-16mm
Disk Brake Axle Optional : ABS
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Product Description

Disc   Brake Axle Series 11-13T
Type   of axlesDisc   Brake Axle 
Disk   Brake Axle Capacity:11T-13T
Track   of Disk Brake Axle1840MM/1820mm 
Disk   Brake Axle Beam: 127150 127 146
Disk   Brake Axle Beam Thickness:12-16mm
Disk Brake Axle Optional : ABS
Our   Disk Brake Axle is made of high intensity alloy steel with excellent   performance:
  1. Unique one-piece, special heat-treated low-alloy steel axle beam offer   more stability greater capacity and lighter weight. It is a world-class   technology.
  2. Integral P type swage straight spindle or tapered spindle with induction-hardened   bearing journals -----provide superior fatigue capability.
  3.Spider Camshaft and anchor pin bores are machined with reference to the   spindle after the welding operation ---increase stability and braking   performance
  4.XEM OR Q GP brake kits with heavy duty brake return   spring.
  5. High performance premium non-asbestos brake linings-----extend service   life.
  6. Improved seal at camshafts-----protect the brake drums from the grease   lubricant more safety
  7.New 100% tight fit hub cap with additional O   ring-----provide optimum seal performance.
  8.Grease lubricant is supplied by SHELL and EXXON MOBIL.
  9.Axles meet USA FMVSS-121 requirements and Australian ADR 38.

Axle Model Details

Model105(km/h)    Max.   Capacity (kg)Brake             Seriesφ x Width (mm)Track TR (mm)Spring Seat   Installation        LM (mm)Axle Beam   (mm)  Studs (mm)P.C.DPILOT HOLE   DIAMETERTotal Length LP   (mm)Recommended   Wheel
GET12K11D12,000 430×451820950□12710-M22x1.5  ISO33528121758.25-22.5/7.5-22.5
GET13F11D13,000 430×45184094015010-M22x1.5  ISO33528121908.25-22.5/7.5-22.5
GET12Y11D12,000 430×451820950〇   12710-M22x1.5  ISO33528121758.25-22.5/7.5-22.5
GET12R11D14,000 430×451820950 14610-M22x1.5  ISO33528121758.25-22.5/7.5-22.5
GET12K11DB14,000 434×451820950□12710-M22x1.5  ISO33528121758.25-22.5/7.5-22.5
GET13F11DB13,000 434×45184094015010-M22x1.5  ISO33528121908.25-22.5/7.5-22.5
GET12Y11DB12,000 434×451820950〇   12710-M22x1.5  ISO33528121758.25-22.5/7.5-22.5
GET12R11DB12000 434×451820950 14610-M22x1.5  ISO33528121758.25-22.5/7.5-22.5
GET10YU20D10,000377×451820950〇   12710-M22x1.5  ISO33522120507.5V-20

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