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Areas of use

GET Industry Trailerbull offers a solution for almost every transport task, from bulk goods to highly regulated pharmaceutical transport.

Expedition Travelling


Thanks to the people having the dream of travelling and exploring the Unknown, we construct the strongest and comfortable Expedition Truck Box to keep them free to pursue the dreams.


Temperature-controlled transport


Temperature-controlled transport places different demands on trailers & Trucks. The freshness and quality of the goods naturally needs to be retained. At the same time, stringent hygiene and environmental requirements represent a particular logistical challenge.


General cargo


Versatile trailers that remain reliable, safe and secure even under the toughest conditions. Fast loading procedures and effective load securing to reduce downtime.


Chemical & Energy transport


Chemical & Energy transport is governed by extremely stringent regulations to protect people and the environment. Safety has the utmost priority. GET Industry TrailerBull supplies trailers and Tankers with Steel or Aluminum, ADR equipment for dangerous goods,ASME standard for Liqulifed Goods, and all the energy liqulid or Liqulified , and also the trailers for the UN Chemical Tanker Containers.


Dry freight


Many types of freight need to be transported reliably and, above all, dry. GET Industry TrailerBull supplies a range of different trailers with box bodies to transport dry freight reliably and efficiently.


Construction site transport


Payload and a sturdy chassis are crucial when transporting building materials to site. Building materials and construction equipment have be transported over rough terrain. Performance and traction are essential in these demanding conditions.


Multimodal transport


Combined transport brings together the benefits of each mode of transport, relieving pressure on the roads and reducing freight transport. GET Industry TrailerBull container chassis offer carriers excellent flexibility and ease of handling, as an integral component of this transport chain.


Building materials


Bulk materials have very different physical properties. Sand, gravel or hot asphalt all place their own demands on a trailer. GET Industry TrailerBull offers a range of different steel tipper bodies with different Discharg System to fit for all these conditions, available with thermal insulation if required.




Scrap metal and other heavy bulky goods present tough challenges for transport vehicles. GET TrailerBull tipper trailers with their rounded or Square steel body are designed to cope with this harsh freight, and their excellent profitability always impresses.


Bulk transport


It's all about load capacity when it comes to bulk transport, with a focus on trailers with the highest possible internal height and preferably low fuel consumption. GET Industry TrailerBull trailers combine excellent cost-effectiveness with exemplary reliability.




The pharmaceutical sector relies on quality-orientated supply chains, full cold chain logistics processes and compliance. GET Industry TrailerBull supplies trailers & Trucks that meet the exacting quality standards required for pharmaceutical transport and all kinds of transit conditions, in compliance with the relevant statutory regulations.




Heavy dry freight and beverage transport call for versatile trailers that can be adapted according to requirements. GET Industry TrailerBull specifically designed for beverage transport Trailers & Tankers with corresponding load securing equipment and insulation even Refrigeration system provide the necessary flexibility and quality for bottle packages or the bulk liquid .


Paper and steel rolls


GET Industry TrailerBull has trailers specifically designed for the transport of heavy rolls with Center Removerable Rounded Floor Trailers and the Cross Blocks Roll Trailers . The focus is on a high payload, safe transport and easy loading and Discharging and protection of goods.




Agricultural and forestry goods with a low bulk density can be cleanly, safely and gently transported in our Special Designed Agricultural Trailer for Log ,Timbers, Sugar Cane & Animals.

GET Vehicles was established with aim to create “Your Partner for Modern Transportation Vehicles ”.

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