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WHAT we are manufacturing ?

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Your Benefits:


FRP Material Lighter but Stronger.

PU/XPS insulation for a warm Home even -30℃. 

Self-Support Structure, suitable for all trucks. 


Customized  Motorhome


Long working life more than 15-20 years.


Your Benefits:


FRP Material Lighter but Stronger

Best PU /XPS insulation even for Ultralow of -50℃.
Self-Support Structure, suitable for all trucks.
Customized Box
Long working life more than 15-20 years.


Your Benefits:


Carbon Steel, Light Alu. & Healthy SS304 Materials

Lighter Structure for less Carbon Emission.

API Valves keep Transport Safer

PE,PTFE, FRP Linings

Long working life more than 10-15 years.
Your Benefits:

Lighter Structure for less Carbon Emission.
WABCO AIR Brake keep Transport Safer.
BPW, FUWA  Axles 
Best Twist Locks, easy & quick Operation.
Long working life more than 10-15 years.


Your Benefits:


Lighter Structure for less Carbon Emission.
WABCO AIR Brake keep Transport Safer.
BPW, FUWA Axles 
20-150T Customized design .
Long working life more than 10-15 years.

WHY GET Industry Trailers ?


Based on full understanding and analysis about transportation environment of various regions, refer to the millions of trailers’ producing experience and customer’s private condition, we design all the trailers privately to different customers.


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High quality suspension from world brand of BPW, SAF TO China Famous brand FUWA, L1, from Leaf-spring plate type, bogie type to Air-Spring type and rubber type to fit different requirements of the cargo delivery condition.


Material choose the High strength low alloy steel with 350 mpa yield strength is used for welded I-beam and 235 mpa in other fabricated parts and the original ALCOA aluminum for the tanks and dry logistic box.


High quality tires from world brand of MICHELIN, BRIDGESTONE, PIRELLI to China Brand DOUBLE COIN, TRI-ANGLE, Coupled with RIMS from STEEL to ALUMINUM.


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High quality axle from world brand of BPW, SAF TO China Famous brand FUWA, L1 with strong bearing capacity from 9T to 20T and ABS options to fit full demand of requirements.


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World brand brake system WABCO Valves with ABS or EBS to keep the trailers under control at any cases.

WHICH Areas of use ?

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GET Industry Trailerbull offers a solution for almost every transport task, from bulk goods to highly regulated pharmaceutical transport .

Expedition Travelling


Thanks to the people having the dream of travelling and exploring the Unknown, we construct the strongest...




Temperature-controlled transport places different demands on trailers & Trucks.The freshness and quality...


General cargo


Versatile trailers that remain reliable, safe and secure even under the toughest conditions. Fast loading...


Chemical & Energy transport


Chemical & Energy transport is governed by extremely stringent regulations to protect people...


WHO we are ?

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GET Industry & Vehicles Co., ltd (GET INDUSTRY) is a specialized Trailer Manufacturer and solution supplier for modern transportation vehicles and Solutions at ODM, OBM and OEM with China sources. We established with aim to create “Your Partner for Modern Transportation Vehicles and Solutions”, dedicate to intense R&D which is the driving force behind the professional of the special vehicles. With our High Serious quality control from Material test to the process details control, we are willing to redefine what it means to be "Made in China".

As a global manufacturer of road transportation vehicles, we take the customers’ private requirements with our hundreds of engineers as our key business. All the vehicles have designed separately with customer’s special demands and working situations.
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G.E.T was established with aim to create “The Special Logistic Future of possible”.



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