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How to use the truck trailer?

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How to use the truck trailer?

The truck trailer is mainly composed of: chassis, lifting device, lifting traction device, hydraulic system, electronic control system, vehicle body and tool box, etc. It has many functions such as lifting, pulling and lifting traction, and is suitable for highways , Urban road clearance work.

How to use truck trailer correctly?

How to correctly recognize the truck trailer?

How to properly maintain the truck trailer?

How to use truck trailer correctly?

Tip 1

When the truck trailer is parked for a long time, the shift lever is still hung in the D gear.

When waiting for a passing signal or in a traffic jam, if you can keep the shift lever in D gear for one minute, but if it takes a long time, it is best to switch to N gear (neutral) and apply the parking brake, otherwise it will The transmission oil temperature rises, and the oil is easy to deteriorate.

Tip 2

When driving at high speed or downhill, put the shift lever in the N position to coast.

In order to save fuel, some drivers shift the shift lever to N gear when driving at high speed or downhill, which is likely to burn out the transmission of the truck trailer. And when it is really necessary to slide down a long slope, you can keep the shift lever in the D gear to slide, but the engine cannot be turned off.

How to correctly recognize the truck trailer?

First, truck trailers are generally divided into four series according to the structure type: separate type truck trailers, combined type truck trailers, flat type truck trailers, and common type truck trailers. Among them, the truck trailer of the support-to-lift separation type includes two types of truck trailers with rotating boom and non-rotating truck trailers.

Second, the truck trailers with specifications such as 3-ton truck trailer, 5-ton truck trailer, 8-ton truck trailer, 20-ton truck trailer, etc. that are often referred to actually refer to the level of the carrying capacity of the chassis used by the truck trailer. It has a certain relationship with the total mass of the towed vehicle in capacity, but there is no necessary connection. The larger the tonnage, the larger the truck trailer's operating capacity.

How to properly maintain the truck trailer?

1. Thermostat

If the thermostat is blindly removed due to the high engine temperature of the truck trailer, the coolant can only be circulated in a large way, and the cooling intensity cannot be adjusted. It is difficult to ensure that the engine works at a suitable temperature. Engine power drops, wear accelerates, and fuel consumption increases. If the engine temperature is still high after the engine thermostat is repaired or replaced, other parts of the cooling system should be overhauled, and the thermostat cannot be removed.

2. Temperature regulation

Some people think that the engine temperature is not afraid of high or low when the truck trailer is driving. In fact, it is also very dangerous when the engine temperature is low. To ensure the service life of the engine, drive at the normal temperature specified in the car's instruction manual.

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