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Insulated Tanker Trailers

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Max. Volume 45000 Liter

Min. Weight 9200 Kg

European ADR Standard 

Insulated Tank trailer or tanker Trailer (United States usage), is a type of tanker Trailer designed to carry the temperature sensitive liquid like Palm Oil and bitumen and a variety of chemical liquid with huge difference in aspect of physical and chemical properties, also poisonous liquid. With leading technologies and advanced production processes, GET Vehicles provides safety and reliable tankers for diverse chemical liquid. GET Vehicles provides high-volume, small-size and reliable stainless-steel insulation tank semi-trailer with 3 axles to customers. With 45000-liter max volume, 9200kg min weight and European ADR standard, it is an optimal transporter for organic chemical logistic industry.

Outstanding Performance of Insulation

With leading technologies and production process, GET Vehicles is provider for insulation tank semi-trailers with excellent performance. They provide outstanding insulation performance, which allows a temperature change inside the tank down to 0.2 0C every 4 hours, not only creating an optimal transport condition, but also protecting the transport safe and quality.

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