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GET Industry & Vehicles Co., ltd (General East Co., ltd) is a specialized Trailer Manufacturer and solution supplier for modern transportation vehicles and Solutions at ODM, OBM and OEM with China sources. We established with aim to create “Your Partner for Modern Transportation Vehicles and Solutions”, dedicate to intense R&D which is the driving force behind the professional of the special vehicles. With our High Serious quality control from Material test to the process details control, we are willing to redefine what it means to be "Made in China".



GET Industry & Vehicles is a highly qualified supplier and exporter which is specialized in developing and export trading Special Vehicles industrial of Heavy Cargo Truck Trailers, Energy Tanker Vessels, Trucks etc., And commercial refrigeration equipment for Cold Chain Logistics from Transport Refrigeration Trucks & Trailers to the Modular Commercial & Industry cold Storage Constructions. With our manufacturing producer & manufacturer factory units in China, GET Industry supplies high quality refrigeration equipment at competitive reasonable prices. And our products have been ISO9001, CE, UL, ROHS, SAA, MEPS, UKAS & CCC approved and have been exported & sold to many countries all over the world with different critical ambient Road and temperature conditions.


GET Industry & Vehicles is passionate to establish long-time Relations with customers. Our aim for every customer is to deliver an excellent experience to them. We're not only working to meet the needs that customers have today, but also innovating to meet the needs they will have tomorrow. This means getting ever closer to customers, understanding their lifestyles and their businesses, and establishing long-term relationships with them.


I.     Special Vehicles & Parts:


As a global manufacturer of road transportation vehicles, we take the customers’ private requirements with our hundreds of engineers as our key business. All the vehicles have designed separately with customer’s special demands and working situations.


Sticking to the operation philosophy of “Your Partner for Transportation vehicles” and relying on the manufacturing strength of China and global resources integration, we strive to accelerate the overall upgrading of product and manufacturing technologies to foster a global product platform and provide our customers with premium and private special-purpose vehicles.


Products Ranges:


1. Expedition Truck Camper & RV Box

Thanks to the people having the dream of travelling and exploring the Unknown, we construct the strongest and comfortable Expedition Truck Box to keep them free to pursue the dreams.


2. Cold Chain Logistics Vehicles

Thanks to the advantage of the technology, the world is becoming a village to get all the food easy and quick from your world neighbors, so the food now is not only for full, but also for taste and health.



3. Energy Tanker Vehicles


Thanks to the Fossil energy to let our world develop to this high step. The safety and to improve the efficiency of the transportation, we not only manufacture the normal Steel Tanker but also the light Aluminum Tanker Trucks & lining Tanker for the energy fuel & chemicals to get better carbon emission.


4. Heavy Duty Truck Trailers:


The truck trailers’ heavy capacity and easy operation to let him are still the most important Road logistics facilities in the world, especially in the developing countries. You can find it at any areas from terminal container logistics, the heavy construction machine transit, the super heavy machine transit, and even the coal & other mineral transpiration.






  1. Related Industry Machines and proposal
We have more than 30 years of Experiences in the special vehicles, we made the Workshop and the producing lines and Upgraded for many times. We not only have the Resources of the factory, but also have the Technology of the producing lines, so for the Normal Semi trailers, we like to supply the SKD and CKD parts with our Technology to help the customers to build their own producing powers to keep their advantage in their own Market to earn more money. There is a China Proverb “teaching one to fish is better than giving him fish”, That is what we want to do with our partners.

There are too many producing of our related machines and products, and the good and bad are intermingled which puzzled the global customers and damaged the brand of “made in China “especially some cheaper but poor-quality products and service.
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GET Vehicles was established with aim to create “Your Partner for Modern Transportation Vehicles ”.

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