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Structural Composite Sandwich Panels for RV Truck Camper And Refrigeration Truck Box

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Structural Composite Sandwich panels are ideal to build Expedition bodies. It allows for maximum diversity of cabin size choices and provides the option to adjust strength requirements through additional plys or wall thickness. The panel also has superior insulating performance with an approximate thermal R-value of 15. Typical panels are a solid core 3-ply panel that is ultra-high strength, low weight, self-supporting. The plys are vacuum bonded with a 1,344 pound per square inch industrial adhesive with no thermal conduction paths. This panels hold up to the mechanical stresses and dynamic forces, such as flexing, wind, & extreme hot or cold encountered in Overland Travel

• FRP (Option: Aluminum) over closed-cell foam construction
• Standard panel thickness 50mm,83.5mm for side wall and Roof.
• Solid core 3-ply structural composite for side wall and Cross beam embedded in the floor.
• High gloss interior/exterior
• 15R thermal insulation value
• High strength composite body extrusions (FRP and Aluminum)
  • GET.BS.CB.


  • GET.BS.CB.


Product Description

Main Parameters

Structural Composite Sandwich panels 

1. Instruction of the Structural Composite Sandwich panels
Structural Composite Sandwich panels is an insulation and freezing box set with high consisting prefabricated elements made by high-quality Fiber Glass materials from German LAMILUX and Best Glue from German KOMMERLING, And the PU foam adopt from the Germany brand PUREN, Assembled with high-strength fiber glass Profile for fast and easy box installation.
Structural Panel
2. General Of the Structural Composite Sandwich panels
Max. Length of the Panel Kits 14750mm 
Max Wideth of the panel Kits 3200mm
Thickness of the Panel Kits  30,50,,83.5,105,mm135mm
K Value 
Tensile strength >180MPa
Flexural strength >220MPa
Barcol hardness 24.6MPa

Sandwich Panel Refrigerated Truckbody-139

XPS Panels_1

3. Super Structure 

FRP- PLAST self Supporting Struture , without any Metal .Side Edge Open Structure, Embedded FRP Suqare Tube as the strengthen bone, and every layer can be choosed for different usagae of the walls. 


Without metal carrier elements = without direct heat conductivity

FRP Embeded Tube = Same MAterial 

Different FRP skin for specail Demands of Truck bodies like Medicines etc.

Opened Edge can easy change the design of the box for doors and holes,especial for Caravan box and Truck Camper.

XPS Panels_3

Side Elevation

XPS Panels_2

Front Elevation

XPS Panels_5

Top Elevation

4.Description of material

FRP can let the body get a good insulation function and light dead weight, we also Using an adhesive joining process with LAMILUX to employ the fiberglass sheets to construct boxes with completely vapour diffusion-tight surfaces to get better insulation and balance temperature inside. 
Core Thermal Polyrethane Foam
All panels, Floor & Roof of the box will be insulated with POLYURETHANE foam (PU) of density 40KG~45/M3, which can carry the Thermal Conductivity value 0.3kcal/M3. 
KOMMERLING Two component reaction adhesive
High Impact
 Woven Fabric Gelcoat 
High Gloss 4000
Thickness  1.4 mm 2.0 mm 1.7mm
Weight 2250 g/㎡ 2650 g/m2 2340 g/㎡
Glass content  48-52 %  27-29 % 20-24%
Flexural strength  305 N/m㎡ 170N/mm 100 N/m㎡
Flexural emodulus  8550 N/m㎡ 11700 N/mm2 4000N/m㎡
Tensile strength  240 N/m㎡ 80 N/mm 55 N/m㎡
Tensile emodulus  14700 N/m㎡ 8100 /mm2 6000 N/m㎡
Impact strength  82 KJ/㎡

Advantage of LAMILUX panel Benefit
1.     Computer manufacturing process VS hand layup   High impact resistance
2.     Fiber reinforce plastic VS metal panel Better heat insulation
3.     Constant gloss level Good surface aspect
4.     Very consistent gelcoat-thicknesses  No cracks
5.     FRP-sheets lie flat No curl
6.     Less translucency for sunlight and also UV-light No color variation
7.     Anti slip-PES floor Abrasion resistance
8.     TUV &ATP certificate High quality and Food safety


LamiLux High Glossy FRP

FRP-High Impact

LamiLux High Impact FRP

FRP-Super Plus

LamiLux Super Plus FRP

FRP-Gewebe Plus LamiLux Gewebe Plus FRP

FRP Structural Composite Sandwich panels + FRP Extrusion Finished RV Box


Front Side Elevation


Door Side Elevation


Windows Side Elevation


Side Elevation

FRP Modular Composite Sandwich Panel Finished Expedition Box


Driver Side Elevation


Front Side Elevation


Rear Side Elevation


Entry Door Side Elecation

5. The main characters

1. Completely vapor diffusion-tight surfaces of FRP to get better insulation and balance temperature inside.
2. Non-Pollution and Special Function Box. German Original FRP of Lamilux can satisfied not only the best Mirror surface, but also can meet all the special requirements with their TUV certified AntiBac Panel, Anti-UV Panel, HACCP certified Panel. High Impact panel, Flex Gewebe Panel etc.
3. Best Materials to keep good insulation function and light for more capacity. The best Structure Material of FRP and Glue can let us cut the other embedded wood beams to reduce more than 20% of weight than the normal Sandwich panels.
4. Quick installation with Special Designed Fiber Glass Profile. With our patented FRP Profiles, we can assembly one box in one hours with 3 workers to save 80% of Labor cost.
5. Rapid order processing for all Size and shaped box (standard solutions can be delivered at short notice). With the Biggest Carve Machine in China, we can supply all different size and shapes Panels to fit for all the chassis of the world.
6. It is suitable for all vehicle brands and models.
7. Easy Repair with our 7*24 hours Service support.
1) Open Edge let the Foam Oxidized a little quick than our FRP-Pie Panels
2) Side Edge Layer have the risk of Tearing.
3) Open Edge structure need super Composite Glues and Materials cause cost high

6. Box Installation Process 

Sandwich panel box is a pre-installed trailer box body which can be mounted directly onto the chassis of the vehicle using its lower fixed frame.

It is important that all specifications and guidelines from the chassis manufacturer be observed during assembly.
Requirements for installation:
Crane or alternative lifting equipment
Standard assembly tools, i.e. pneumatic screwdriver, wrenches, etc.
Prepare the chassis
Mount the partial frame and the floor plate on the chassis
Mount the side, front and rear walls and the roof
Install the required options
Prepare the chassis
Mount the BOX together with sub frames on the chassis
Install the required options
Expedition Box Installation -1

1. Floor-Front Wall

Expedition Box Installation -5

2. Side Walls adhesive

Individual-Box 70

3. Roof Adhesive

Expedition Box Installation -4

4. Amount to Truck

Brief Instruction



TRAILERBULL engineered expedition box types are available to accommodate your ideas about Expedition Vehicles. Though the basic needs of globetrotters are much the same, their demands on the vehicle itself differ lone traveler, twosome, family, class of driving license, destination, infrastructure, terrain, duration of the journey … All these criteria ultimately determine the optimum vehicle and the suitable chassis.

GET.6EXP can translates these criteria into 3 Expedition box models geared to these different requirements thanks to our durable GRP Sandwich panel composite technology offers top performing strength.

TRAILERBULL With different wall panels (FRP-Pie Modular Panel, FRP-Plast Sandwich Panel) to meet all the popular chassis and requirements in the world and already have proven themselves on the actual journeys of many satisfied customers.


-Can you pre-cut openings for windows and doors?

We can offer this service with cost as we have embeded strengthen parts inside, but that will be confirmed before producing. your own Openings can easily be cut with a jigsaw and plastic rated blade, but the embeded strengthen parts can not make . So if it willl work in really bad expedition, you'd better let us pre-cut opennings for windows and doors.

Can you do departure angles?

Yes, we have two size of the box shape, one is the standard square shape , the other is the departure angle design. Please mark the desired angle (including dimensions) in the quoting template if you need.

-Can you design subframes?

We have the service of this, but you need supply the full chassis layout to us in advance.

-Can I use different windows and doors than what’s listed on your specification?

Yes. However, we highly recommend our windows and doors as they work in perfect balance with our camper bodies.

–Can I order a camper body with an alcove?

Yes. Please ask us for our alcove quoting template.

–What’s included in the shipment?

1. CKD type with All panels cut to size (other than departure angle),
2. CBU type with assembled box per your requirements.

–Can you help with the interior layout?

No. We are  solely a camper body supplier, not a full scale outfitter/design office.

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If you have any questions please contact us
GET Vehicles was established with aim to create “Your Partner for Modern Transportation Vehicles ”.

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