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40000L Aluminum Tanker Semi Trailer with 3 BPW axles for Organic Chemical of Dibutylether

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Tanker Material: Aluminum
Tanker Volume: 40000L
Design with Insulated cover for the cargo need to keep the temperature
  • 9403GHYALBW

Product Parameters

40000L   Aluminum Tanker Semi-Trailer with 3 BPW axles for Organic Chemical of Dibutylether

40000L   Aluminum Tanker Semi-Trailer with 3 BPW axles for Organic Chemical of Dibutylether9403GHYALBW
overall outside dimensio(mm)Length12990
Height (unload)3900
Outside   dimension of tank body(mm)Length11550
vehicle   total weight(kg)7000
rated   payload(kg)30000
Wheel   base(mm)7200+1350+1350
Tread(mm)Tread   at front
Tread at rear/2050/2050/2050
Front/Rear   Overhang(mm)1440
Approach/Departure   angle(°)/22
Rated   payload of Vehicle saddle16000
AxleBPW   12T*3
Tank   Material Aluminum   Alloy
Transport Liqulid Material: Heptane,Ethylene,Cyclohexylamine,acetic acid,methyl   alcohol,butyl oxide,methylmethane, Jet,Gasline, Disel, Water etc.
with Insulated Cover


Max. Volume 50000 Liter

Min. Weight 8400Kg

European ADR Standard

There is a variety of chemical liquid with huge difference in aspect of physical and chemical properties, also poisonous liquid is common to see. With leading technologies and advanced production processes, GET Vehicles provides safety and reliable tankers for diverse chemical liquid.

GET  provides high-volume, small-size and reliable stainless steel tank semi-trailer with 3 axles to customers. With 45000 liter max volume, 9200kg min weight and European ADR standard, it is an optimal transporter for organic chemical logistic industry.


Stability   System

The stability system   of GET Vehicles acts as real-time monitoring of driving conditions of the   vehicle and intervenes automatically in situations where vehicle stability   enters a critical area. Its brakes specific wheels in order to help the   vehicle returning to safe driving conditions, preventing rollover or out of   control.

 Stability System.jpg 

Operation   Monitoring System

Operation-monitoring   system detects the whole process about tank loading, transportation and tank unloading.   All real-time information about manholes, cut off valves, API connections,   pipes and bottom valves will be detected and saved.

 Operation Monitoring System.jpg

Closed   Loading System

There are many   significant advantages offered by Closed Loading System, such as fire prevention,   spill prevention, higher operation safety, vapor recovery, avoidance of   product contamination, faster loading and less expensive loading islands. It   has become a standard required by the government.


Closed Loading System.jpg

Lift-up   Axle System

Lift-up Axle System can   increase driving distance and reduce costs of tires significantly. Test   results indicate that the total distance of tires mounted on this system can   be up to 750000 km, twice or more than traditional system.

 Lift-up and Self-Steering Axle System.jpg

Air   Suspension

Comparing to   traditional leaf spring suspension, air suspension can adjust the extent of   soft or firm and the height of the vehicle, provide enhanced performance of   shock-absorbing and driving safety.

 Air Suspension.jpg


OEM Parts Configuration

King Pin: 3.5” /2”  exchangeable king pin.Supplier: JOST.

Container locks: 12 Sets or 8 sets.

Landing Gear: 2 speed road side winding with sand shoe, Type: JOST C200T.

Suspension: Mechanical suspension with 11 / 10/ 8/7 leaf spring (W100mm x T12mm per leaf). 

Options: Bogie Suspension, Air Spring Suspension

Axles:  square axle with 12 tons capacity. Supplier & type: BPW/ FUWA/SAF/L1. Made in China.

Rims: 10 Holes ISO. Made in China. Option By the Factory.

Tires: 11R22.5 OPTIONS: 12R22.5, 315/80R22.5,385/65R22.5 , Triangle Brand , Made in China. Option By the Factory.

Brake System: Dual air brake system, Wabco relay emergency valve.OPTIONS: ABS. Option By the Factory.
Brake Chamber: 30 type on front axle.30/30 type on other axles. 
Electrical System: Complete 24V installation with modular wiring harness. 7 pole plug placed at front in accordance to ISO, norms NO.1185. 
Side Lights: reflectors (orange);
Rear Lights: direction indicators (orange) /brakes (red)/rear warning (white).


Spare Tire Carrier: Equipped two sets per chassis without spare tire.
Side Guard: Steel.
Tool Box: Equipped one set.
Painting: Color by customer’s requirement.
Marking: By customer’s requirement.
Options: Oil Tanker: 300L carbon steel.

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