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How much do you know about the semi-trailer?

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How much do you know about the semi-trailer?

The semi-trailer is generally a three-axle semi-trailer, and its types are divided into 11-metre semi-trailers, 13-metre storage lamps, low surfaces and many other types. It is a heavy transport vehicle connected to the head of the semi-trailer by means of a drawbolt.

What are the characteristics of semi-trailers?

What is a semi-trailer?

What should be considered when using semi-trailers?

What are the characteristics of semi-trailers?

1. Compared to the "monolithic" vehicle, the semi-trailer can improve the overall economic benefits of road transport. Transport efficiency can be improved by 30-50%, costs reduced by 30-40% and fuel consumption reduced by 20-30%. More importantly, the use of semi-trailers can also promote the organisation of logistics to a certain extent.

2. The semi-trailer is mainly used for the transport of bulky goods which are not easily dismantled, such as excavators, etc. The fence type is more suitable for drawing fresh goods such as vegetables, fruits, etc. The van type is better suited for hauling bulk and moisture-resistant valuable goods.

What is a semi-trailer?

The semi-trailer of the semi-trailer of the plate type is a semi-trailer with a plate structure. Wide range of applications, mainly suitable for medium- and long-haul transport of medium and bulk goods, with strong applicability, has become the first choice for medium- and long-haul freight vehicles.

1.The body of the entire vehicle consists of high-quality steel, advanced technology and rigorous production. The entire vehicle has a reasonable structure, reliable performance, easy operation and a beautiful look.

2. The frames of this series of semi-trailers are all carrier structures and the longitudinal carriers are straight or swan neck. The height of the bridge is 400 mm to 550 mm, the manganese plate is welded, the longitudinal carrier is welded by automatic immersion welding, the frame is treated by ball beams and the cross-bearer penetrates the longitudinal carrier and is welded as a whole.

3. The suspension assumes a non-independent rigid suspension with steel plate mounting consisting of a tandem sheet spring and a suspension support. The structure is reasonable, with strong stiffness and strength, which is used to carry the load and reduce the impact.

What should be considered when using semi-trailers?

Brake fluid control

Braking is also between high and low, which means it is normal. If the brake fluid is close to the lower limit or below the lower limit, this means that the system may run out or the brake pads may be excessively worn out and you should go to the maintenance station in time for maintenance. When replenishing brake fluid, be sure to add the same type of brake fluid to avoid damage to the leather scale of the trailer and be careful to protect the paint to avoid corrosion of the paint surface.

Check engine coolant status

Do not open the cooler cap when the engine is warm, otherwise there may be burns out by spraying coolant or hot steam. After cooling the engine, check if the coolant level should be between the full and the low. If not, add distilled water or pure water or refrigerant. The level of coolant after adding water should not exceed the full level. If it is found that the coolant of the trailer is rapidly decreasing within a short period of time, you should check whether the cooling system is leaking or go to the maintenance station for inspection.

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