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What is the meaning of refrigerated truck box?

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What is the meaning of refrigerated truck box?

refrigerated truck box refers to an enclosed van used to maintain the temperature of refrigerated or fresh-keeping goods. refrigerated truck boxes can be classified by manufacturer, chassis carrying capacity, and carriage type.

What is the key equipment of refrigerated truck box?

How to properly maintain the refrigerated truck box?

How to properly handle the refrigerated truck box?

What is the key equipment of refrigerated truck box?

Refrigeration unit of refrigerated truck: an important equipment that provides a steady stream of "cold" for the container of the refrigerated truck box. It is generally installed on the front and top of the container. It has an air-conditioning-like shape, but it has stronger refrigeration than an air-conditioning of the same volume.

Refrigeration units are generally divided into two types, independent units and non-independent units. The difference is that the independent unit generates electricity for maintenance work through another unit, and the non-independent unit is driven by the power taken from the engine of the whole vehicle. Refrigeration works.

Selection of refrigerated truck box refrigeration unit: Generally, refrigeration units with different power cooling capacity are selected according to the volume of the refrigerated box and the temperature requirements of the transported goods.

How to properly maintain the refrigerated truck box?

1. The fuel diesel or gasoline supply for the refrigerated truck box must be sufficient to keep the engine running at least to the next checkpoint.

2. Engine oil for refrigerated truck box. The engine oil level is supplied at the (full) mark, do not overfill (change it every year).

3. Coolant of the refrigerated truck box Check the coolant level gauge, we want to see if the coolant volume is correct, the pointer should be within the white range. If the coolant level is in the red range, add coolant to the coolant tank. Usually the cooling liquid is a mixture of ethylene glycol and water (different proportions are used according to the actual conditions of the product), and it should provide protection from freezing at -34°C.

NOTE: Do not open the lid of the coolant tank when the coolant is hot.

How to properly handle the refrigerated truck box?

When the door of the refrigerated truck box is opened, the refrigerator should be turned off; the opening time of the door should be shortened as much as possible; the strip door curtain should be used as much as possible when loading and unloading goods. Use dividers to separate dry goods (empty baskets) from perishables.

In order to ensure the temperature of the cargo in the compartment, it is recommended to use a strip door curtain for the delivery vehicles in the city to ensure that the air-conditioning in the compartment will not be quickly dissipated when the cargo is unloaded quickly (when the refrigeration unit is not turned off).

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