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What a Terminal Tractor is

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What a Terminal Tractor is

Terminal tractor

terminal tractor, known in the United States as a spotter truckspotting tractoryard truckyard dogyard goatyard jockey or mule, is a semi-tractor  intended to move semi trailers within a cargo yard, warehouse facility, or intermodal facility, much like a switcher  locomotive is used to position railcars.

A terminal tractor moving trailers in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Distinctions between a terminal tractor and a regular road truck  are several and noticeable:

A single-person cab offset to the side of the engine.

A full-height, sliding rear door for easy access to trailer connections.

A very short wheelbase, usually with a solidly mounted rear axle.

A low-power Diesel or alternative fuel engine, usually with an automatic transmission.

fifth-wheel coupling  with an integrated lifting mechanism allows the semi-trailer's legs to remain in the lowered position during movement. 15 inches (380 mm) and 70,000 lb (32,000 kg) of hydraulic lift is typical.

12-gauge steel side wall cab construction with 12-inch (13 mm) steel floors for protection in abusive and dangerous work environments.

360-degree view to facilitate five to six moves an hour.

Since off-road versions don't have to drive on roads at highway speeds, a typical top speed is just 25 miles per hour (40 km/h). It is rare for these vehicles to be on highways , so it was very unusual when a pedestrian was accidentally struck and dragged  by a yard truck at an intersection in Bellevue, Washington, in February 2014.

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