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How to use the tankers?

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How to use the tankers?

Depending on different uses, the tanker has a variety of refuelling or oil transport functions, such as oil absorption, pump oil and various oil distribution and distribution functions. The special part of the oil wagon consists of the tanker body, the pump shaft, the gear shaft, the gear oil pump, the pipeline system and other components. The pipeline system consists of an oil pump, three-way ball cock with four positions, two-way ball cock, filter saw and tube.

What should I consider before using tankers?

What problems should tanker drivers be aware of when driving?

How does a tanker work safely?

What should I consider before using tankers?

1. Insert the conductive rod into the ground to make it "grounded". If the ground floor is dry, water it to make it wet to ensure a good grounding. Check the grounding chain for ground contact.

2. Open the control box door of the tanker wagon, check each valve handle and bring it into the closed state (vertical position).

3. If the oil pump is used for the first time, there is no lead oil in the pump, so it should be refuelled in advance, and 10 litres of oil can be replenished by the oil discharge.

4. Check the oil status of the lubricating oil in the tanker wagon drive, take the bottom edge of the opening of the oil cable as a criterion and fill transmission oil if it is not sufficient.

5. Check the joystick of the gear, put it in neutral, check the position of the lever of the pump shaft, place it horizontally to the right, check the gas regulator, set it to a minimum.

What problems should tanker drivers pay attention to when driving?

①tanker checks the working condition of each instrument while driving;

②The tanker checks whether the steering system is working normally while driving;

③ It is abnormal for the tanker to check the brakes of the hands and feet while driving.

How does a tanker work safely?

1. The tanker should be equipped with a special fire extinguisher and equipped with a towing chain and a rod. When driving, the towing chain should have ground contact; When filling or emptying, the rod must be placed in the wet soil.

2. The oil tanker aperture should be tightly closed, the oil flow valve and the oil flow pipe should be leak-free, the tanker exhaust aperture should be free, the oil flow filter of the oil pump should be cleaned frequently and the connection lid at both ends should be fitted immediately after exhaustion of the oil transport hose. Dirt must not enter.

3. The carburetor and exhaust of the internal combustion engine shall not act as flame retardants. The exhaust pipe should be installed in front of the vehicle.

4. The tanker crew shall not wear spike shoes. Smoking near the oil tanker is strictly forbidden, and fire is strictly forbidden.

5. When parking it should be kept away from sources of fire, and in hot seasons it should be parked in a shady place. If you park in the middle of the drive, a special person should take care of it.

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