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American Type Axles In–board Axle 8T-20T

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Trailer Axles Capacity: 8T–20T
Track of Trailer Axles: 1840MM (size are available)
Brake of Trailer Axles: 420*200MM (size are available)
Beam of Trailer Axles: 150*150MM (Square) (size are available)
Beam Thicknessof Trailer Axles: 10MM-25MM
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Product Description

American   Type axles In–board Axle 8T-20T

Type   of Trailer AxlesIn-Board  Type axles
Trailer Axles has two different types,the stronger   axle and one-piece axle.The former weight is about 5-20kg more than the   one-piece axle.
Optional   of Trailer Axles:  ABS and automatic   slack adjuster available.
Trailer   Axles Capacity:8T–20T
Track   of Trailer Axles:1840MM   (size are available) 
Brake   of Trailer Axles:420*200MM   (size are available) 
Beam   of Trailer Axles: 150*150MM   (Square) (size are available) 
Beam   Thicknessof Trailer Axles:10MM-25MM
Our   American type in–board axle is made of high-intensity alloy steel with   excellent performance:
Features of Trailer Axles:
  1.Unique one-piece, special heat-treated low-alloy steel axle beam offer   more stability greater capacity and lighter weight. It is a world-class   technology.
  2.Integral P type swage straight spindle or tapered spindle   with induction-hardened bearing journals -----provide superior fatigue   capability.
  3.Spider Camshaft and anchor pin bores are machined with reference to the   spindle after the welding operation ---increase stability and braking   performance
  4.XEM OR Q GP brake kits with heavy duty brake return spring.
  5.High performance premium non-asbestos brake linings-----extend service   life.
  6.Improved seal at camshafts-----protect the brake drums from the grease   lubricant more safety
  7.New 100% tight fit hub cap with additional O ring-----provide optimum seal   performance.
  8.Grease lubricant is supplied by SHELL and EXXON MOBIL.
  9.Axles meet USA FMVSS-121 requirements and Australian ADR 38.
American Type AxlesContain  in-board axle series,out-board axle series,spoke wheel axle series,car   transport trailer axle series and small axle series.
  Axle has two different types,the stronger axle and one-piece axle.The former   weight is about 5-20kg more than the one-piece axle.

Axle Model Details

车轴型号105km/h 载质量S 型凸轮、制动器轮距弹簧座安装轴管制动气室中心距轮毂轮辋连接:总长宽度适用轮辋
Model105(km/h)    Max.   Capacity (kg)"S" Cam   Brake           Seriesφ x   Width (mm)Track TR (mm)Spring Seat   Installation        LM (mm)Axle Beam   (mm) Center distance of   chamber                  GM (mm) Studs (mm)P.C.D. (mm)φ   H        (mm)Total Length LP   (mm)Recommended Wheel
GET08Y118,000S   420×1501850≥1080〇 12742810xM22x1.5 ISO33528121457.50V-20
GET10F1110,000S   420×1801840≥940[]15038510xM22x1.5 ISO33528121907.50V-20
GET11Y1011,000S   420×1901850≥1000〇 12745010xM22x1.5 ISO22517621556.5-15
GET12Y1112,000S   420×1801820≥950 12736510xM22x1.5 ISO33528121707.50V-20
GET12K1112,000S   420×1801820≥950 12736410xM22x1.5 ISO33528121707.50V-20
GET13F1113,000S   420×1801840≥940[]15038510xM22x1.5 ISO33528121907.50V-20
GET14F1114,000S   420×2201840≥940[]15034810xM22x1.5 ISO33528121908.0V-20
GET15F1115000S   420×1801840≥940[]15038110xM22x1.5 ISO33528122008.0V-20
GET16F1116,000S   420×2201850≥940[]15035310xM22x1.5 ISO33528122108.5V-20
GET20F1320,000S   420×2201850≥940[]15035310xM22x1.5 ISO33528122558.5V-20
GET13F1813,000S   420×1801840≥940[]1503818xM20x1.5 JIS28522121557.5V-20

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