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API Adoptor Valve_C806C-100

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Norminal Diameter of API Adoptor Valve 4"
Working Pressure of API Adoptor Valve 0.6MPa
Max Flow Rate of API Adoptor Valve 2500L/Min
Material of API Adoptor Valve Aluminum Alloy
Open Method of API Adoptor Valve MECHANICAL
Temperature Trange of API Adoptor Valve -20~+70℃
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Product Parameters

API Adoptor Valve-C806C-100
Norminal Diameter of   API Adoptor Valve4"
Working Pressure of   API Adoptor Valve0.6MPa
Max Flow Rate of API   Adoptor Valve2500L/Min
Material of API   Adoptor ValveAluminum Alloy
Open Method of API   Adoptor ValveMECHANICAL 
Temperature Trange   of API Adoptor Valve-20~+70℃
Description of API Adoptor Valve
API Adaptor Valve is installed on one side of the   bottom of the tanker, with the design of quick connection structure.   Interface dimension is designed according with the API RP1004 standards. This   is an important component of the bottom loading system to get quick   detachment without leakage, it is much more safe and reliable when doing the   work of loading and uploading. This product is suitable for water, diesel   gasoline and kerosene and other light fuel, but it cannot be used in   corrosive acid or alkali medium.
Benefit and features of API Adoptor Valve
1. Hardening Treatment
  The whole valve body is passed a special hardening process to improve its   service life
2. Second Gear Open
  When do the handle open, there are two stalls to set the flow rate according   to the customer’s demand.
3. Standardized   size
  Interface dimension is designed according to the API RP1004 Standard,   docking with the standard API connector.
4.   Light Weight
  The main Body is made of aluminum alloy; it is more light and sturdy
5. Superior Process Performance
  Reasonable design for the less pressure differences ensures the large input   and output flow rate
6. With the sight   glass
  Convenient to observe the inner working situation
7. Foundation for interlock valve
  When install the interlock valve, the API Adaptor can be controlled by   Air.
8. Easy-Maintenance
  When in the situation of no need to replace the valve, just to replace the   sealing gasket.

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