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Concrete Mixer Refitting Parts

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Concrete Mixer Refitting Parts
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Product Description

Concrete Mixer Refitting Parts
volume   typeRefitting Equipments 上    装      配    置 
Reducer 减速机  Pump   泵Motor   马达
Brand品牌Model 型号Brand   品牌Model   型号Displancement   排量Brand   品牌Model   型号Displancement   排量
9cbmStandardZFP4300DANFOSS萨奥 T90PV07575ccDANFOSS萨奥T90MF7575cc
options 1PMPPMB6.5SPDANFOSS萨奥 T90PV07575ccDANFOSS萨奥T90MF7575cc
option 2ZFCML8(整体式)DANFOSS萨奥 T90PV07575ccDANFOSS萨奥**
Option 3DANFOSS萨奥PMG61.2newDANFOSS萨奥 T90PV07575ccDANFOSS萨奥T90MF7575cc
options 4ZFP4300EATON伊顿5423-518
10cbmStandardZFP5300DANFOSS萨奥 T90PV07575ccDANFOSS萨奥T90MF7575cc
options 1DANFOSS萨奥PMG61.2newDANFOSS萨奥 T90PV07575ccDANFOSS萨奥T90MF7575cc
option 2ZFP4300DANFOSS萨奥 T90PV07576ccDANFOSS萨奥T90MF7575cc
Option 3PMPPMB6.5SPDANFOSS萨奥 T90PV07577ccDANFOSS萨奥T90MF7575cc
options 4ZFCML8(整体式)DANFOSS萨奥T90PV100100cc****
options 1DANFOSS萨奥PMG61.2 newDANFOSS萨奥T90PV100100ccDANFOSS萨奥T90MF100100cc
option 2DANFOSS萨奥PMG71.2DANFOSS萨奥T90PV100100ccDANFOSS萨奥T90MF100100cc
Option 3PMPPMB7.1SPDANFOSS萨奥T90PV100100ccDANFOSS萨奥T90MF100100cc
options 4ZFCML10(整体式)DANFOSS萨奥T90PV100100cc****
1Water Tank   600L Steel Material-pneumatic
        Option: Fiber Glass   Tank-Electrical Power USD 600 /set
2Water Gun is Chinese Brand
3Cololer: 6~12cbm with YS-18L
4Options:   Constant Speed Electrical Control System: Usd 17000/set,Have to confirm the   chassis before producing.

Main Instruction

HOWO heavy duty truck--the most advanced and most superior new generation of heavy duty truck in China, with proprietary brand and intellectual property right, was developed by CNHTC by applying the world advanced heavy duty truck key technology aiming at the market at home and area markets overseas.

HOWO heavy-duty truck adopts the advanced key assemblies, which are reasonably connected by advanced technology. The arrangement of the complete vehicle is perfect; the main assemblies are harmonious, unified and reliable, which makes the complete vehicle have better performance on power, economical efficiency, reliability and environmental protection.

HOWO heavy-duty truck is with luxury and great appearance; it is a combination of fortitude and streamline, sturdiness and elegance. It aims at world heavy-duty truck level on the ergonomic design like comfort ability, safety and accessibility.

 HOWO series is comprehensive with Euro2 and Euro3 engine equipped.

 Product range: Semi-trailer towing vehicle, goods vehicle, tipper, concrete mixing carrier and other special truck refitted on its chassis.

Driving type: 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 4*4, 6*6

 Power range: 266PS - 410PS.

Product highlight

HOWO series heavy-duty truck built a new standard for domestic heavy-duty truck, aiming at world advanced heavy-duty design and manufacturing technology with incorporation of multi-advanced technologies. It is at domestic leading position in vehicle appearance, safety, comfort ability and ergonomics, and creates new driving experience on heavy duty truck; there are multi-types in this series which are selected by Ministry of Communication of the People's Republic of China as first batch recommended vehicle types. There are left hand and right hand driving types.

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