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Volvo Concrete Mixer 10CBM

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Volvo Concrete Mixer 10CBM
  • Volvo Concrete Mixer 10CBM



Product Description

Volvo Concrete Mixer 12CBM

Technical Specification


FM 400HP  8*4 Rigid X‑high, T‑ride                                                      


Core components

           Day cab                                                                                                                              

           Euro 3 Engine emission level                                                                                              

           Euro 3 Engine emission control                                                                                           

           Engine, 13 litre, 400 hp, 2000 Nm                                                                                      

           Engine brake EPG                                                                                                              

           Gearbox 9 speed, 2000 Nm                                                                                                

           Double disc clutch, 380 mm                                                                                                

           Wheelbase 4600 mm                                                                                                          

           Front axle load 16.0 tonnes                                                                                                

           Front suspension type, parabolic                                                                                        

           Front stabilizer, normal stiffness                                                                                          

           Rear leaf susp., 90 mm T‑ride spring                                                                                   

           Rear hub red. tandem 32 t, GCW 100 t                                                                               

           Rear axle ratio 5.41                                                                                                            

           Bogie load 32 tonnes                                                                                                         

           Rear suspension type, conventional                                                                                   

           Rear stabilizer, normal stiffness                                                                                           

           Rear shock absorbers                                                                                                         

Truck use

           Very rough road conditions                                                                                                 

           Construction transport cycle                                                                                                

           Very hilly topography                                                                                                          

           Gross combination weight 44.0 tonnes                                                                               

           Total vehicle height max. 4.0 metres                                                                                   

           Single power steering system                                                                                              

           Power steering cooler                                                                                                         

           Left hand drive                                                                                                                   

           Vehicle width 2550 mm                                                                                                       

           Certification labels, China                                                                                                    



           Volvo Z‑cam brakes                                                                                                            

           Front reg. brake valve, load sensing                                                                                   

           Frame section thickness 8 mm                                                                                            

           Liner from engine end to frame end                                                                                    

           Frame rail section height, 300 mm                                                                                       

           Battery box on left hand side                                                                                              

           Batteries 2x170 Ah                                                                                                             

           Right fuel tank 315 l, alu., D56                                                      Lockable fuel tank cap      

           Muffler horizontal, left outlet                                                                                                

           Exhaust heat steel shield                                                                                                    

           Temporary (straps) spare wheel carrier                                                                                

           Side and rear marker lights                                                                                                 

           Rear frame length 2195 mm                                                                                                

           Anti‑spray mudflaps, front axle                                                                                            

Rims and Tyres

           Steel rims                                                                                                                            

           315/80R22.5 K MICH  XZY2                                                                                              

           315/80R22.5 K MICH  XDY3                                                                                             

           Spare wheel&tyre equal to front wheel                                                                                

Powertrain equipment

           Air compressor, 900 litres/minute                                                                                         

           Low air intake                                                                                                                     

           Air cleaner with one filter element                                                                                        

           Alternator 80A  (D12/D13/16) / 90A (D9)                                                                            

           Exterior noise requirem. 80 dB(A), EC                                                                                 

           Cooling capacity 48° C, ATB                                                                                               

           Oil cooler / mech. transm., basic perf.                                                                                  

           Electrically heated fuel filter                                                                                                 

           Engine start pre heating element                                                                                        

           PTO, DIN conn. low speed                                                                                                  


Cab interior

           Vinyl interior & seats                                                                                                           

           Driver seat, comf, susp                                                                                                        

           Pass seat, regular                                                                                                               

           Climate unit manual air condition                                                                                         

           Fixed rear window                                                                                                               

           Electrical window lift                                                                                                            

           Central locking with remote control                                                                                      

           Cab parking heater

           Ambient temperature meter                                                                                                 

           Front internal sunvisor without mirror                                                                                   

           CD‑player with CD‑change connection                                                                                

           Loudspeakers in dash                                                                                                        

           Cruise control, standard                                                                                                      

           Back up alarm                                                                                                                     

           Fire extinguisher, 3 kg, Swe/Eng. decal                                                                              

           Jack, 20 tonnes                                                                                                                  

           Toolkit, complete                                                                                                                 

Cab exterior

           Front steel bumper, construction appl                                                                                 

           Guard plate, engine oil pan                                                                                                

           Insect net in front of radiator                                                                                               

           Manual cab tilt pump                                                                                                           

           Mechanical cab suspension                                                                                                

           Conv.elheat/op mirr&wide D/Pside&close P                                                                         

           Front mirror above the windscreen (200)                                                                             

           Without sunvisor colour                                                                                                       

           Headlamp protector                                                                                                            

           Two auxiliary front driving lamps                                                                                          

           Front fog lights ‑ white                                                                                                         

           Jericho air horn                                                                                                                   

           CB radio antenna preparation kit                                                                                        

           Winter white (1103WHIT)                                                                                                     

Superstructure Preparations

           Without electrical bodybuilder interface                                                                               

           Wiring for 6 aux dash switches/bodybuild                                                                            

           Tipper vehicle preparation                                                                                                   

Main specification for 10 cbm mixer


The material of the Agitator is the mix   steel


Thickness   of the tank body   mm

End plate cover


Front Conical parts


Rear Conical parts


Cylindrical parts


Drum Bottom


over length                   mm


Max. Diameter                mm


Academic volume                m3


Agitator mixing cubage           m3


Agitator leaning angle            (°)


Agitator   rotation speed           rpm


Feeding speed              m3/min


Discharging speed            m3/min


Surplus rate              %


Water tank volume                L






Main Instruction

HOWO heavy duty truck--the most advanced and most superior new generation of heavy duty truck in China, with proprietary brand and intellectual property right, was developed by CNHTC by applying the world advanced heavy duty truck key technology aiming at the market at home and area markets overseas.

HOWO heavy-duty truck adopts the advanced key assemblies, which are reasonably connected by advanced technology. The arrangement of the complete vehicle is perfect; the main assemblies are harmonious, unified and reliable, which makes the complete vehicle have better performance on power, economical efficiency, reliability and environmental protection.

HOWO heavy-duty truck is with luxury and great appearance; it is a combination of fortitude and streamline, sturdiness and elegance. It aims at world heavy-duty truck level on the ergonomic design like comfort ability, safety and accessibility.

 HOWO series is comprehensive with Euro2 and Euro3 engine equipped.

 Product range: Semi-trailer towing vehicle, goods vehicle, tipper, concrete mixing carrier and other special truck refitted on its chassis.

Driving type: 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 4*4, 6*6

 Power range: 266PS - 410PS.

Product highlight

HOWO series heavy-duty truck built a new standard for domestic heavy-duty truck, aiming at world advanced heavy-duty design and manufacturing technology with incorporation of multi-advanced technologies. It is at domestic leading position in vehicle appearance, safety, comfort ability and ergonomics, and creates new driving experience on heavy duty truck; there are multi-types in this series which are selected by Ministry of Communication of the People's Republic of China as first batch recommended vehicle types. There are left hand and right hand driving types.

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