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Prime Mover , Terminal Tractor Truck

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  • ZZ5371VDMB30100



Product Description

1Drive Configuration4X2   ZZ5371VDMB30100
25th Wheel CapacityMax. 30T
35th Wheel Lift HeightMAX HT-MIN HT=1920-1215=705MM
4Tractive force147KN
5TransmissionAllison 3500P, 4 Forward    and one reverse.
6SteeringEaton, Hydraulic
7Service Brakesdual circuit compressed air brake
Two air pipe for trailer   brake
WABCO drier
8Parking BrakesSpring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
9EngineSINOTRUK WD615.62, 266HP (196 kW at 2200rpm) Euro II
10Front Axle13000kg  at 20km/h
11Rear Axle30000kg  at 20km/h
13No. of tires4 Nos. Rear & 2 Nos. Front
14Travel Speed39km/h Maximum driving speed
15Cabin ControlsEngine hours.
air pressure gauges
Engine oil pressure
Water temperature
Transmission oil pressure   gauge
16Cooling SystemWith water cooling, thermostat with 71 opening begin
17Fuel Tank Capacity230L(5L  per hour)
18LightsHead light, right and left   front turning lights, fog light, brake light, backup light, interior light,   back light, indicator  light, air   filter indicator light, transmission indicator light, low air pressure   indicator light, power indicator light ,Rotating amber warning beacon and so   on
19Electricals24V negative  grounded
Fuses & relay to be   mounted  on control box.
7 pin SAE sockets at rear   of cab for trailer connection
Head light H4 with dipped   and main beam.
Direction  indicators.
Gauge illumination.
Interior light on cab.
Backup alarm.
Warning control light on   oil pressure gearbox.
With the indicator for low   oil presure, without automatic engine stop
Air filter clog indicator.
Engine revolution  counter.
Engine running hour meter.
Light check system.
High temperature gearbox.
Low oil pressure.
High temperature engine.
Low air pressure.
Low fuel level.
Low voltage.
20Driver cabOne person – Left hand drive position.
properly insulated to avoid   the heat from the engine.
Cabin front spring shock   absorbers and  rear air shock absorbers
Cabin can be till able for   60º
All the cabin glass should   be hardened  safety glass.
Noise insulation  should be adequate  and should not exceed international   standard.
Adjustable seat with spring   or air suspension
Exhaust muffler assembly   left side of chassis
Dry-chemical fire   extinguisher (2 kg)
Right and left rear view   mirror
22Ambient temperature ratingEquipment must have and ambient temperature rating in   continuous rating in continuous service of plus degrees c to plus
  500  with full heavy duty tropical   cooling systems to be fitted.
half cab with one person, left hand drive, combined surrounding


   The models (total 10) of this series fall into 3 drive types: 4×2, 6×2 and 6×4 with 2 types of transmission configurations (Alison automatic transmission and Qijiang mechanical transmission). They are not only suitable for such conditions as drop and pull operation at bulk cargo wharfs, container transfer at dock aprons, and ro-ro operation but also can be used in such areas as container logistics parks, iron and steel works, shipyards, and horizontal coal mines.

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