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Walk In Freezer Room Galvanized Steel Plate with PU Composite sandwich panel,Cold Room

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Walk In Freezer Room
Material: Galvanized Steel Plate with PU Composite sandwich panel
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Walk In Freezer Room

Galvanized Steel Plate with PU Composite sandwich panel,Cold Room

The cold storage is a warehouse creating the suitable humidity and cold condition with the use of cooling facility which is also known as the refrigerated storage. It is a place to process and store the products. It can get rid of the influence of the climate , prolong the storage period of various products to adjust the market supply.


Our Cold storage is mainly used for the constant-temperature storage of food, dairy products, meat, aquatic products,poultry, fruit and vegetable, cold drink, flower, green plant, tea,medicine, chemical raw material, electronic instrument, etc.

Walk In Freezer Room
    Galvanized Steel Plate with PU Composite sandwich panel
Panel Structure Galvanized   steel +PU+Galvanized steel
Stainless steel + PU + Stainless steel
K Value:  W/〔㎡•K) 0.027
Insulation System Internal   Dimension :2.5m(L)x2.1m(W)x2.5m(H)
External dimension:2.2m(L)x1.8m(W)x2.2m(H)
Roof &Wall&Floor panel: 150mm  
Polyurethane Density: 42±2 kg/m3
Floor Strength: 1.2mm Aluminum sheet
0.5mm Pre-painted galvanized steel sandwich   polyurethane foam with cam-lock
Door System Germany   brand lock system
700mm(W)x1700mm(H) single open swing door With   heating wire
Fitting   system LED   light & Switch & Sealant
Refrigeration system Compressor:Maneurop   ; Cooling Capacity:1621(W)
Working Condition: Refrigerant:R404a &   Voltage: 380V/50HZ
Display System 3   units display rack
3units storage rack
3 units replenishment device
3 units swing open glass door; Glass door   dimension:703mm*1750mm

Polyurethane Sandwich Insulation Panel
Foam-in-place Polyurethane as the Insulation   material of the panel inject into molds of the Full-Automatic laminating   Machine foam together with the surface plate to be a complete panel at one   time to get the best insulation performance and strength.
1 High intensity and good thermal insulation   performance
2 Easy assemble Design, Panels joint with   Eccentric lock, 30 sec/joint.
3 Multi-products and specifications can meet   different needs and requirements
Thickness: 75mm, 100mm,120mm 150mm   180mm,200mm, 
Length from 1000mm 5o 12000mm
Width: 960mm, 
The concept of storage of critical samples is no   more limited to having a simple room with temperature between 2ºC to   8ºC.
    Such ineffective solutions lead to excursions in temperature conditions   that affect the quality of the stored material over a period in time.
Walk-In Cold Rooms ensure the temperature is   uniform & within range throughout the room. Customer can also avail the   option of 8 probe monitoring with data logging, trending & real-time   alarms.
    They are supplied at customer-site in a knock-down condition & can pass   through standard sized doorways. They are assembled on-site.
    Cold Rooms can be utilized for multiple applications in the Pharmaceutical,   Cosmetic, Food & Beverages, Dairy & other industries for all kinds of   products intended for storage at low temperatures.

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Strong Production Capacity

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