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Bottom Valves-Emergency Valves-GET C804DPQ-100

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Emergency Valves Norminal Diameter 4"
Emergency Valves Working Pressure 0.6MPa
Emergency Valves Material Aluminum Alloy
Emergency Valves Open Method PNEUMATIC
Emergency Valves Temperature Trange -20~+70℃
  • Bottom Valves-Emergency Valves-GET C804DPQ-100

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Product Parameters

Bottom Valves-Emergency ValvesGETC804DPQ-100
Technical Data
Emergency Valves   Norminal Diameter4"
Emergency Valves   Working Pressure0.6MPa
Emergency Valves   MaterialAluminum Alloy
Emergency Valves   Open MethodPNEUMATIC
Emergency Valves   Temperature Trange-20~+70℃
Description of Emergency Valves
Emergency shut valve is installed on the bottom   of the tanker, the tope parts is tightly sealed inside the tanker. External   shear groove design limits product spillage when the tanker is crashed down,   it will automatically cut off itself via this groove under the situation   there’s no affectation on the sealing. This will efficiently protect the over   rolled tanker from leakage to ensure the safety when transportation. This   product is suitable for water, diesel, gasoline and kerosene and other light   fuel, etc
Benefit and features of Emergency Valves
1. Special Surface treatment
  The whole valve body is passed a special surface process to improve the   anti-corrosion.
  2. Hydrodynamic body
  Design and high lift poppet minimized pressure drop to give maximum flow   rate.
  3. External Shear Groove
  Meets the standard requirements to limit product spillage in the event of an   accident.
  4. Manual Opening Device
  When need to emergency discharging, the pneumatic control is useless, it can   be opened by manual way.
  5. Easy-Installment
  The Size of the valve is more smart, is sutiable for the smaller space's   demand.
  6.Pressure-Balance Type
  When the valve is closed, the fuel pressure can not push open the   valve.

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