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Stainless Steel Bottom Valves-Emergency Valves-GET H804B-80/100

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Emergency Valves Norminal Diameter 3"
Emergency Valves Working Pressure 0.6MPa
Emergency Valves Material Aluminum Alloy
Emergency Valves Open Method MECHANICAL
Emergency Valves Temperature Trange -20~+70℃
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Product Parameters

Bottom Valves-Emergency ValvesGETH804B-80/100
Technical Data
Emergency Valves   Norminal Diameter3"
Emergency Valves   Working Pressure0.6MPa
Emergency Valves   MaterialAluminum Alloy
Emergency Valves   Open MethodMECHANICAL 
Emergency Valves   Temperature Trange-20~+70℃
Description of Emergency Valves
Emergency shut valve is installed on the bottom   of the tanker, the tope parts is tightly sealed inside the tanker. When   pipeline or valve is broken sddenly, it will keep the tanker still tightly   sealed to avoid the fuel leaking out to improce the safety during   transportation. The main body is made of 304 Stainless Steel under the   precision die casting with the advantage of simple structure , longer service   life, easy servicing, etc. It can be made of 326 Stainless Steel if need, but   Please inform us before order.
Benefit and features of Emergency Valves
1. it is suitable for Chemicals   transportation.
  2. Temperature Range: -20℃~+150℃
  3. Discharge Cable Controller
  To do the mechanical Control
  4. To Install the Cylinder
  To make it into Pneumatic Control
Main Size Data of Bottom Valves-Emergency Valves 
BOTTOM VALVEGETH804B-80144ϕ200ϕ178ϕ105ϕ16072128-ϕ144-ϕ173"0.6MPa

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