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Ice Cream Refrigerated Truck Body with All - Closed FRP / GRP Sandwich Panel Kits,Germany Wet-Wet Composite

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ice Cream Refrigerated truck body with All - Closed FRP / GRP Sandwich Panel Kits,Germany Wet-Wet Composite
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ice Cream Refrigerated truck body with All - Closed FRP / GRP Sandwich Panel Kits,Germany Wet-Wet Composite

Refrigerated truck, sometimes we call it reefer truck box body. Sometimes we call it freezer truck box body. Sometimes chiller truck box body. Sometimes cold room truck box body. All in all, We calls it refrigerated truck.Reefer truck box body is a kind of box which can load the cargoes which need to keep cold and fresh. Such as icecream, chill chicken, chill fish, freezer meat, sometimes vegetables and so on.

Our refrigerated truck box body is the Sandwich structure. External FRP material+PU core+Internal FRP. Normally, the thickness of FRP is 2mm. It also can be customized. As the PU core, normally, the density is more than 40kg/m. And the thickness is changeable by customers’ request and designing request.

The parts of FRP reefer truck box body is adopted the highest configuration. They are 304 stainless steel parts for door lock and door frame. Aluminum profile for connecting all the panels. The importing rubbers make the door be sealing. So the whole reefer truck box body is all-closed without any gap.

ice Cream Refrigerated truck body with All -   Closed FRP / GRP Sandwich Panel Kits,Germany Wet-Wet Composite
The Refrigerated And Insulated Box Can Fit For The   Chassis Of
VOLVO,BENZ,MAN,Scania,   Isuzu,JMC,JAC,Foton,FAW,HOWO,Sinotruk,Shacman,Beiben,   Tata,Mitsubishi,Ford,Toyota
Main Structure of the PanelFirber Glass+PU +FirberGlass
Thickness   of the Box PanelRoof/ mmWall   / mmFloor   / mmDoor / mm
This box design With much thicker Side walls and   more Side Small doors for the Ice Cream Distribution at different station,   and reduce the Freezing Air Lose as less as it can.
Ice Cream Side DoorAs required
Insulation MaterialAll   panels, floor & roof of the box will be insulated with polyurethane foam   (pu) of density 40kg/m3, which can carry the thermal conductivity value   0.3kcal/m3.
    the gas leakage rate of the body insulation is less than 0.3w/㎡*k
Drain   Pipes2   Nos. PVC U-Pipe,30mm Dia. Drain With Drain Cap At The Front End.Standard
Internal   Kick Plate Aluminum   Checked  Kick Plate Of 30cm High For   Leak Proof And Wall Protection.Thickness 3mmOptions
Front Wall Reinforcement:1.Steel   Plate Designed As Supporting Frame To Carry The Cooling Unit Safely, Suitable   For THERMO KING Or Carrier .Options
2. Cooling Unit Cut Out Finish GRP Frame 3mm Thick.
FloorFloor   construction1.all closed struture , without any metal .
2. enforcement of built in wooden   cross members to keep the transverse force condition of the panel.
3. polyurethane insulation of   overall thickness 82mm. Density 40kg/m3 under a  layer of the plywood 12mm.thick
4. GRP /FRP skin 2.5mm thick
SurfaceStandard:the   floor surface is covered totally by white grp made together with the floor   panel.Standard
Options:  aluminum   checked plate aluminum   channels as repuired.Options
Aluminum ProfilesThe   used aluminum profile andonized silver , heat treated , harden metal which is   made 6063 alloys,to wear resistance and strength to the box.
External AngleExtruded   Angle 100 X 150 X 3mmMade Of   Aluminum Include Front , Rear, Top And Lower Round Corners. To Protect The   Corner And The Side Of The Van.Options
Interior wrapping edgeMade   of aluminum only the top side to arrange the wire of the light.Options
External wrapping edgeMade   of aluminum alloy to protect the side edge of the van,vertical in the front   is half round model,  horizontal side   is 90 degree angle model.Options
LightsInternal   :Internal   Light LED Type 24V-8W, 2no’s Moisture Resistant. Fixed In The Roof.Standard
External : 2+2 No’S Light, At Front And Rear At   Top,Front Is White, Rear Is Red.Standard
Plastic CurtainsSide doorPvc   plastic curtains 3mm thick x 200mm wide, overlapped, long enough to cover the   full height of the side door.Options
Rear doorPvc   plastic curtains 3mm thick x 200mm wideOptions
the curtains are hanging on female stainless steel part   joined to the male part fixed on the roof.
Rear DoorDoor   type2   wing rear doors with grp outer and inner skin, full open .standard
Options: 3 wings rear doors, tail lift at the rear.Options
Door harwareThe   accessories fitted with the door is made of stainless steel.standard
2 nos. Container type locks plus door retainers.
Door sealsAll   edges of the door fitted with double aluminum profiles & epdm rubber   gasket . Sealing against rain & duststandard
Door holder & stoppers2   sets of stainless steel door retainers fitted strongly on built in plates   inside the panels. 2nos. Of rubber made stoppers.standard
Door handle20cm   long 14cm dia. Stainless steel pipe to be mounted to the left door to hold   the person get into the boxstandard
Sub-frameCarbon   steel 16mn, dimenison per customer's chassis specificationStandard
Finishing-colorWhite   gelcoat colour both side, uv resistant, food grade approval
Other   options
A)side door (single opening)940*1740mmOptions
single wings open
options: double wings open
B)   partition (removable)To   part the van space to different cargos loading space with different   temperature ( if the refrigerator unit can)Options
C)   meat hang hooksTo   hang the the big meat or fish to the roof Options
Material Of The Body PanelOutside Panels Are Claded With High Quality   Fiberglass Of More Than 3mm.Thick In One–Complete With Whole Panels After The   Alkali Free Glassfibre Heated And High-Pressed, White Color, Food Hygienic   And Vermin Proof Materials
 Main   materialSurface layer of plastic resin clothing,   waterproof :ashland 
Panel Producing Layer Order
Producing Equipment And Technology1. Adopt The Know-How And Special Equipments Of   Kogel Fahrzeugwerke AG To Produce The Sandwich Panels Of Refrigerated &   Insulated Truck With WET-IN-WET  Method   And High Pressure, Vacuum Workmanship.
2. The Special Press Machine Can   Meet Various Requirements Of Refrigerated & Insulated Bodies. The   Dimension Of Panel Can Be Chosen At The Follow Range: Length 0-14750mm  Width 0-3200mm Thickness 27-135mm
3. The Insulated Body Is Formed   By Applying Polyurethane Adhesive To The Joint Area Of The All-Closed   Sandwich Panels, Which Ensures The Joint Reliability And Optimum Insulation.
Body ConstructureThe whole van body is made up of six   panels:floor plate, front wall, two side wall, roof and rear wall portal.   Self-supporting body, without cross bars inside and outside skin made of   glass fiber reinforced polyester, reinforced with z-straps.
The core of hard foam with best   insulation properties.
Without metallic carrier elements   = without direct heat conductivity. The bodies are watertight. The plastic   elements are flame resistant.
For galvanized door frame and   g.p.r. panel. Due to absence of metal, excellent insulation value is   obtained. (no heat conductivity). Thick wall door with 5 fold seal. Door lock   with optimum contact pressure.
Main instruction of the Panel kits and boxAll-Close Panels Produced With German   Technology And Machines, Adhesive Structure With The Type Of Building Block,   Freon-Free Polyurethane Vesicant Material Is Our Innovation,Which Are Very   Different From Traditional Open Sandwich Panel With Connect By Metals,   Injected Polyurethane At Site With Freon.Our Surfaces Of Panels Are FRP, The   Middle With PU Foam Sheet, The Both Surface FRP Is Connected By FRP Stiffener   To The Whole, During Producing, The E-Glass Fiber, UPR(Unsaturated Polyester   Ester Resins) And Fluorine-Free PU Foam Structured Together After Heating And   Pressing , Which Also Makes A Layer Of UV Protection, Waterproof, Anti-Aging,   Anti-Corrosion In The Outer Side Surface Of The Panels At The Same Time.
CharactorsThe Main Characters Are As Follows:
1. Light In Weight:40% Lighter   Than Metal Body.
2. Better Insulation: K Value   Less Than 0.3w/Sqm*K.
3. High In Strength And Long   Life: 5 Times Longer Than Metal Body.
4. Non-Corrosion, Non-Pollution,   Anti-Brine, Acid And Soda-Resisting.
5. Easy To Assembly And Repair At   Site.
Easy Assembly For BoxIt Is Also Very Easy To Assemble Our Insulated   Bodies, Because Applying Polyurethane Adhesive To The Joint Area Of The   All-Closed Sandwich Panels, Which Ensures The Joint Reliability And Optimum   Insulation, Forms Them. All Bodies CKD We Provide Have Included All Necessary   Accessories Such As Aluminum Angles, Aluminum Corner, Sealing Glues, Screws,   Side Guards, Etc. Therefore, You Can Assemble Them By Yourself Without   Purchasing Any Material. Generally, 3-4 Workers Can Assemble 5-6 Bodies   Everyday. Moreover, At The Beginning We Will Assign Our Engineers To Supply   You Some Technical Guidance.

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