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ICE CREAM Refrigerated Truck Box

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ICe Cream transport temperature asked a super Lower Temperature Under -18°C ~ -30 °C , the best is the Eutectic plates , if it is packed with bottles ,the Air refrigeration system is also acceptable.

Our Refrigerated truck box can get the best insualtion , with Refrigeration units can give an temperature range of -40 ~ +15 ℃ for almost general cargos transporation.



Composite Panels:

Product Description

1. Product Overview

a refrigerator truck body or chiller is a box designed with XPS /PU insulation foams to carry perishable freight at low temperatures. Refrigerator truckbody can be ice-cooled, equipped with any one of a variety of mechanical refrigeration systems powered by small displacement diesel engines, or utilize carbon dioxide (either as dry ice or in liquid form) as a cooling agent. These Truck Box is mainly designed for the cargos 's transportation asked the temperature controls , like frozen cargos, fresh foods & fruits , and other temperature sensitive machines .

Our Refrigerated truck box can get the best insualtion , with Refrigeration units can give an temperature range of -40 ~ +15 ℃ for almost general cargos transporation. 

2. Features at a Glance

Eutectic Kooltube ice cream Box-2

1. Light in weight:40% lighter than metal .

2. Better insulation: K value less than 0.3w/sqm*k.

3. High in strength and long life: 5 times longer than metal.

4. Non-corrosion, non-pollution, anti-brine, acid and soda-resisting.

5. Easy to assembly and repair at site.

Eutectic Kooltube ice cream Box-90

Front Side Elevation

Eutectic Kooltube ice cream Box-4

Interior Elevation*

Eutectic Kooltube ice cream Box-2Front Side Elevation

Eutectic Kooltube ice cream Box-1

Rear Right Elevation

3. Product Parameters


Ice cream (derived from earlier cream ice) is a sweetened frozen food typically eaten as a snack or dessert. It may be made from dairy milk or cream and is flavoured with a sweetener, either sugar or an alternative, and a spice, such as cocoa or vanilla, or with fruit such as strawberries or peaches. It can also be made by whisking a flavored cream base and liquid nitrogen together. Colorings are sometimes added, in addition to stabilizers. The mixture is cooled below the freezing point of water and stirred to incorporate air spaces and to prevent detectable ice crystals from forming. The result is a smooth, semi-solid foam that is solid at very low temperatures (below 2 °C or 35 °F). It becomes more malleable as its temperature increases.

its transport temperature asked a super Lower Temperature Under -18°C ~ -30 °C , the best is the Eutectic plates , if it is packed with bottles ,the Air refrigeration system is also acceptable.


Eutectic Kooltube ice cream Box-9

Ice Cream Side Doors : 

with imported lock system to get the best insulation and convenience for the cargo load and discharge.

Size: 1069*820MM (HxW)

Refrigeration units

Ultralow temperature cooling eutectic plates (1592x690mm x 85kg/set) for ultralow temperature request like ice cream, deep sea fish etc.

Brand & model: carrier / tramsocold

Temperature requirements: -32 ℃


Refrigeration unit can choose the carrier vatna series

K .Value for the Composite Box 0.295 W/㎡ ℃
Max. Overall Length 48 ft 14,750 mm 0~14750mm can customize
Max. Overall Width 10 ft 3,200 mm 0~ 3200 mm can customize
Max. Overall Height 10 ft 3,200 mm 0~3200 mm can customize
Max. Floor Thinckness 4 .13 inch 105 mm
Side Wall Thickness 4 .13 inch 105 mm
Front Wall Thickness 4 .13 inch 105 mm
Rear Door Panel 4 .13 inch 105 mm
Roof Wall 4 .92 inch 125 mm

4. Box Structure

super Structure self-supporting body, without cross bars , inside and outside skin made of glass fibre reinforced polyester, reinforced with Z-Straps , the Core of hard foam with best insulation properties.
Without metallic carrier elements = without direct heat conductivity
The body are water tight
the plastic elements are flam resistant
Rear Wall Two -wing Rear door , approx ,80 mm thick with 5-fold special sealing ,rigid frame joints.
Each Door Wing with 1 external power-brace lock with one -hand operation
Door Wings inclinable to the sidewalls with hold-open device (loose)
Portal stainless Steel 
Surface The Plastic elements are painted white, White gelcoat colour both side, uv resistant, food grade approval

5. Rear Door

2 panels full opeing

2 Panel Full Opening

3 Panels full opening

3 Panel Full Opening

4 panles full opening

4 Panel Full Opening

2 Panels Narrow Opening

2 Panel Narrow Opening

Single Panel Narrow Open

single Panel Narrow Opening

Overhead Rear Door

Overhead Rear Door

6. Side Door ( Optional )

Eutectic Kooltube ice cream Box-2

4 sets Ice Cream Door 

with imported lock system to get the best insulation and convenience for the cargo load and discharge.

Size: 1069*820MM (HxW)

7. Aluminum Extrusions :

Alu Extrusion

The used aluminum profile andonized silver , heat treated , harden metal which is made 6063 alloys,to wear resistance and strength to the box.

Alu. Extrusion Extruded Angle 100 X 150 X 3mm,Made Of Aluminum Include Front , Rear, Top And Lower Round Corners. To Protect The Corner And The Side Of The Van.
Interior wrapping edge Made of aluminum only the top side to arrange the wire of the light.
Front Vertical Extrusion Made of aluminum alloy to protect the side edge of the van,vertical in the front is half round model,  horizontal side is 90 degree angle model.

8. Box profiles (Optional)

Checked Alu.Floor

Alu. Checked Floor

Alu T Rail Floorjpg

Alu.T Rail Floor

Load securing rail

Load securing rail

PVC Curtain

PVC Curtain

Cargo Versatile Shelving

Cargo Versatile Shelving

Temperature Partition

Hard Movable Door



Tail Lifter

Hydraulic Tail Gate

9. Temperature control

Eutectic Kooltube ice cream Box-11

Eutectic Kooltube Introductions

Used for transporting ice creams, frozen foods, milk products, ice cube and other low temperature product.


Condenser unit installed in the front of body while kooltubes are average installed on the inside top of roof panel. Number of kooltubes are calculated according to the body size and temperature required.

Kooltube material: Aluminum  kooltube size: 90mmWx100mmH

Voltage: 380V(3P) or 220V(3P)



Semi-hermetic Bitzer compressor

Fans: EBM

Expansion Valve: Danfoss

Thermometer: REFCO

Compared to common air-cooled units:

Eutectic Kooltube (Storage cooling unit) is more reliable as it does not need continuous power and will not bring you any loss when the truck is broken down; Quiet during delivery; Low maintain cost; Low operating cost (do not need fuel);


Compared to Carrier Eutectic plates:

20% light in weight; Less cooling capacity loss; Only one expansion valve needed; Eutectic kooltube can be specially designed in order to suit the truck body size; Kooltube is easily for repairing and replacing.

10. Amounted to the Trucks 

Volvo冷藏车 018

Volvo Truck Chassis


Hino Truck Chassis

Toyota Hilux Freezing Truck-1

Toyota Hinlux Chassis


FORD Truck Chassis


ISUZU Truck Chassis


JMC Truck Chassis

Foton Aumark

FOTON Aumark Chassis


HOWO Truck Chassis

11. Installation:

It is very easy to assemble our insulated bodies, because applying polyurethane adhesive to the joint area of the FRP-Pie Panel Kits sandwich panels, which ensures the joint reliability and optimum insulation, forms them. All bodies ckd we provide have included all necessary accessories such as aluminum angles, aluminum corner, sealing glues, screws, side guards, etc. Therefore, you can assemble them by yourself without purchasing any material. Generally, 3-4 workers can assemble 5-6 bodies everyday. Moreover, at the beginning we will assign our engineers to supply you some technical guidance.
CKD Panel Kits 1. Prepare the chassis
2. Mount the partial Sub-Chassis and the floor plate on the chassis with Supplied U bolts and other parts
3. Mount the side, front and the roof and the Rear Door Portal and the door with Glues approx.1.5 hours, with a set time At Least 8 h at  +20 ℃ .
4. Install the required options
5. Finishing
CBU Box 1.Prepare the chassis
2. Mount the BOX together with subframes on the chassis
3. Install the required options
4. Finishing

12. FAQ

What’s the material of your refrigerated truck body?

We can produce FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic), Color Steel Sheet and Stainless-Steel Material for the refrigerated truck body.

The Core Material can be PU, XPS.

If want the price, what should offer us the information?

You need offer us the material, size (LxWxH and the thickness of the panel) and quantity of the truck body as the basic information.

What is the CKD and CBU means?

CKD means completely knocked down. That means offer all the parts of the truck body (Semi-finished products), you need assemble the box first, then amount to your truck chassis. Though you must do some works, but it can save much shipping charges.
CBU means completely Building Unit. That is, we offer you the whole truck body, you just install it your truck directly.

How long life of your truck body?

 It depends how will use it. Normally, the life is about 15~20 years


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