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Pick Up Insulated RV Truck Camper Body

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GET Industry truck Camper body for RV and Off-Road Flatbed Trucks have mainly two types of wall panels can choose for different purpose:

1. Off-Road Expedition and Super Stronger Purpose: FRP-Pie Modular Panel is a Full FRP closed Modular composite Panels with adhesive and installion brim to easy the Instaltion and get good bonding for each panels. it can be mounted directly onto the chassis using its lower fixed frame.

2. Highway Travelling RV and Best Surface View Purpose : FRP-Plast Sandiwch Panel Truckbody with FRP Extrusion Structure, it is light and easy installiton with the FRP Extrusion.Advise For Europe,Australia,North America Market




Product Description

Product Overview

The GET  Pick Up-Box is uniquely designed together with the customer according to the base vehicle and is available as a chassis-mount or slide-in camper, with or without an alcove.


1. We can supply the Pick-up Box at Rectangle Box or Corner Cutting Box with / without Bridge Joint for the tire also offer individually designed pop-up roofs as optional.


2. The Pick Up-Box is supplied as an FRP or aluminum composite box with  in a variety of wall thicknesses (from 30mm to 125mm) and FRP or Steel ( Aluminum, PPGL) surfaces, and is available either fully assembled or as a self-build kit ( Flat-packed).


3.  The integrated Plywood Timber  and/or Steel ,Aluminum Embeded in the floor panel with connecting points for the suspension and optimal stiffnes.. An optional double floor for installing water tanks, batteries, and different floor heating solutions is available. This will optimize weight distribution and improve frost resistance.

4. The rear or side Anwing Door with or without caravan door inset are avaliable.


5. A full range of doors, windows, hatches and skylights is available at prices tailored to your requirements.

6. Door ,Windows , Hatches Cutting as optional in our design 

Design & Order Measurements Request

Pick Up Box-1

FRP Sandwich Panel + FRP Extrusion Finished Box


Front Side Elevation


Door Side Elevation


Windows Side Elevation


Side Elevation

FRP-Pie Modular Panel Finished Box


Driver Side Elevation


Front Side Elevation


Rear Side Elevation


Entry Door Side Elecation

Box Installation Process 

Expedition Box Installation -1

1. Floor-Front Wall

Expedition Box Installation -5

2. Side Walls adhesive

Individual-Box 70

3. Roof Adhesive

Expedition Box Installation -4

4. Amount to Truck

Brief Instruction



TRAILERBULL engineered expedition box types are available to accommodate your ideas about Expedition Vehicles. Though the basic needs of globetrotters are much the same, their demands on the vehicle itself differ lone traveler, twosome, family, class of driving license, destination, infrastructure, terrain, duration of the journey … All these criteria ultimately determine the optimum vehicle and the suitable chassis.

GET.6EXP can translates these criteria into 3 Expedition box models geared to these different requirements thanks to our durable GRP Sandwich panel composite technology offers top performing strength.

TRAILERBULL With different wall panels (FRP-Pie Modular Panel, FRP-Plast Sandwich Panel) to meet all the popular chassis and requirements in the world and already have proven themselves on the actual journeys of many satisfied customers.


-Can you pre-cut openings for windows and doors?

We can offer this service with cost as we have embeded strengthen parts inside, but that will be confirmed before producing. your own Openings can easily be cut with a jigsaw and plastic rated blade, but the embeded strengthen parts can not make . So if it willl work in really bad expedition, you'd better let us pre-cut opennings for windows and doors.

Can you do departure angles?

Yes, we have two size of the box shape, one is the standard square shape , the other is the departure angle design. Please mark the desired angle (including dimensions) in the quoting template if you need.

-Can you design subframes?

We have the service of this, but you need supply the full chassis layout to us in advance.

-Can I use different windows and doors than what’s listed on your specification?

Yes. However, we highly recommend our windows and doors as they work in perfect balance with our camper bodies.

–Can I order a camper body with an alcove?

Yes. Please ask us for our alcove quoting template.

–What’s included in the shipment?

1. CKD type with All panels cut to size (other than departure angle),
2. CBU type with assembled box per your requirements.

–Can you help with the interior layout?

No. We are  solely a camper body supplier, not a full scale outfitter/design office.

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GET Vehicles was established with aim to create “Your Partner for Modern Transportation Vehicles ”.

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