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45T Capacity 40 Foot Flatbed Trailer / Drop Deck Semi Trailer With Bogie Suspension

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45 T Capacity 40 Foot Flatbed Trailer / Drop Deck Semi Trailer With Bogie Suspension
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45 T Capacity 40 Foot Flatbed Trailer / Drop Deck Semi Trailer With Bogie Suspension

Flatbed Semi-trailer is a most common type of Drop-deck trailers (or Step-frame Trailer) which have a floor that drops down a level once clear of the tractor unit; It have no front axles and coupling with towing vehicle by fifth wheel, this can make semi-trailers have a long continuous cargo area for longer objects (logs, pipe, beams, railway track, containers) than full trailers.

40 feet FlatBed Semi Trailer with bogie suspension   for bad road logistic9452TJZPB
Container Flat Bed Semi-Trailer
    Overall Outside Dimensionmm
Flat   Bed Semi-Trailer GVWkg52500
Flat   Bed Semi-Trailer Vehicle Total WeightKg7500
Flat   Bed Semi-Trailer Rated PayloadKg45000
Flat   Bed Semi-Trailer Wheel basemm8200+1310
TreadmmTread   at front
Tread at rear1830
Front/Rear   OverHangmm/2300,2030
Approach/Departure   angle°/17,19
Rated   payload of Vehicle saddle17070
Axles 16T*2
Contaner   twist locks8   or 12 
Options: Capacity 30T - 50T
Steel Structure:
Material:High   strength low alloy steel with 350 MPa yield strength is used for welded   I-beam and 235 MPa in other fabricated parts.
Main Beams: 500m   deep x 146mm wide x 8mm web welded I-section main beams,Top Flange 14m thick,   Bottom Flange 16m thick.
Floor3mm thick checkered steel plate.
OEM Parts Configuration:
King Pin: 3.5”   /2”  exchangeable king pin, Supplier:   JOST.
Container locks: 12   Sets or 8 sets.
Landing Gear: 2   speed road side winding with sand shoe,Type: JOST C200T.
Suspension:Mechanical Bogie Suspension with 32T   grade
Axles: square axle   with 16 tons capacity 2 pieces . Supplier & type: BPW/ FUWA/SAF/L1. Made   in China..
Rims: 10 Holes ISO.   Made in China. Option By the Factory..
Tires: 11R22.5   OPTIONS: 12R22.5, 315/80R22.5, Triangle Brand , Made in China. Option By the   Factory..
Brake System: Dual   air brake system, Wabco relay emergency valve, OPTIONS: ABS. Option By the   Factory.
Brake Chamber: 30   type on front axle.30/30 type on other axles,
Electrical System: Complete   24V installation with modular wiring harness. 7 pole plug placed at front in   accordance to ISO, norms NO.1185.
Side Lights:   reflectors (orange);
Rear Lights: direction   indicators (orange) /brakes (red)/rear warning (white).
Spare Tire    Carrier: Equipped two sets per chassis   without spare tire.
Side Guard:   Steel.
Tool Box: Equipped   one set.
Painting: Color by   customer’s requirement.
Marking: By   customer’s requirement.
Options: Oil Tanker:   300L carbon steel.

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